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Fearless Gardening ADVERTISEMENT

Welcome to The Daily Uplift, a new side-project from HODINKEE. Given the current climate, we wanted to make sure that some positivity still made its way into your day. Moving forward, we're going to offer a story or activity you can experience from home and a great album that is worth a closer listen. Pulled directly from the mindshare of the HODINKEE staff (a positive crew if I've ever seen one), it's a token of our appreciation for you stopping by the site and a small investment in cultivating positive vibes among the greater community.

Today we're joined by our resident green thumb and mood board maven, Sarah Reid, as she offers a course that will help you to get your garden up and growing for the summer.

Something to do...

Vegetable Gardening ?Oregon State University

Like many of you, I have devoted much of the last few weeks to sowing, watering, nurturing, and obsessing over the six dozen tiny seedlings that I have scattered across every windowsill in my home. That said, I will admit that I have no idea what I am doing. Thankfully, Oregon State University has been kind enough to open a series of online gardening classes up to the public for the replica aaa watches duration of April ?just in time for novices to begin planting spring and summer crops. This Master Gardener Series on vegetable gardening teaches the basics over the course of four to six hours, arming students with the knowledge needed to turn a couple of seeds, water, and plenty of sunshine into something far more rewarding (and hopefully delicious!).

?Sarah Reid, Advertising Manager

Something to listen to...

The Fearless Flyers ?The Fearless Flyers (Spotify / Tidal / YouTube)

The sun rises on another day, and I offer up yet another absolute jam from the Vulf crew, this time in a special arrangement dubbed The Fearless Flyers. Sometimes, you just want something up-tempo and lyric-free, and, when Carpenter Brut isn't giving me the dopamine I need for another introducing post, I turn to The Fearless Flyers. As strong a YouTube experience as you'd expect from Vulf & Co., the Flyers form a tight formation around a mix of talent and special guests, with the grounding presence helmed by Nate Smith on drums (wow), the incomparable Joe Dart on bass, Mark Lettieri on the baritone guitar, and finally ?the wrist himself ?Cory Wong on guitar. Come for the outfits and the stand-mounted guitars, stay for Smith's snappy beats and the impressive list of guests ?at least one of which you should recognize from a past Daily Uplift.

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