The European Data Incubator (EDI) is committed to the HOPU’s solutions

The SME HOPU as one of the companies of EDI, a European incubator to foster the use of Big Data in innovative products and services

European Data Incubator

EDI is a data incubator to support SMEs developing solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to the collaboration with relevant companies such as  EMASESA (Sevilla), EDP, RACC o Volkswagen Navarra, EDI supports Startups and SMEs in its mentoring programme to develop new products and services. 

In this programme, led by the University of Deusto, Zabala Innovation Consulting, FS6, Engineering and ETventure Startup Hub, the different SMEs interact with big data providers and thus expand their catalogue of services. The programme is in the pilot phase, working with 18 companies across Europe. Among them is the SME from the Region of Murcia HOPU and others of great European relevance such as Starkdata, Verchable o WearHealth.


HOPU presenting to EDI
HOPU presenting to EDI

HOPU, the SME from the Region of Murcia that is part of the European Data Incubator

Through this incubation programme, HOPU is working together with EMASESA, the Metropolitan Water Supply and Sanitation Company of Seville, to develop a platform that uses all its data and Artificial Intelligence to optimise its internal management processes. 

HOPU is a company located in Ceutí, dedicated to innovative technological development for Smart Cities. With a team of 30 people, this young company is already present in more than 6 countries, including Belgium, Sweden, France, Germany, Argentina and Spain.

“Thanks to EDI we have the opportunity to work with companies like EMASESA, listen to their needs first hand and adapt this development to the client in a more agile way” Javier Sanchez, Platform Developer at HOPU.

As future steps in HOPU’s line of work with EDI, we are working on developing a platform to examine the effects of heat islands in Seville on water consumption in single-family homes.

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