HOPU, the new partner of the Alastria Association that innovates using blockchain to certify quality environmental data.

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HOPU works on the decision-making of urban authorities and industry with efficient and sustainable action plans, through intensive data exploitation and monitoring with high-definition air quality monitoring devices.

Alastria is a non-profit association that promotes the digital economy through the development of decentralised/blockchain registration technologies.

On May 25th it became official: HOPU begins its adventure as a member of Alastria, a non-profit association that promotes the digital economy with technologies such as blockchain.

“Alastria is a European reference for the use of blockchain in business. It is a privilege for us to be part of this community,” says Germán Molina, CIO of HOPU.

HOPU is a partner of Alastria Association

HOPU, as a company in the sector of monitoring and visualization of environmental indicators, seeks to offer quality data through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Its range of monitoring products is calibrated in the laboratory according to quality and traceability standards. Besides, the correlation of its data with reference stations reaches more than 90%. This ensures that customers make informed decisions. It also offers continuous monitoring with open technologies such as FIWARE’s CEF Context Broker, which detects anomalies and events, as well as verify the compliance with regulations, calculate total emissions and provide an accessible/intuitive interface for the historical data access. HOPU is innovating in certification and transparency processes through the use of blockchain during continuous data monitoring. This process guarantees the composition of the emissions offered by its indicator visualization services from monitoring to visualization.

This technology allows us to demonstrate the reliability of the data provided by HOPU, detecting anomalies and events in the data. Besides, this process checks and certifies that the data is following the most demanding regulations.

Using Blockchain as an enabler for transparency, trust and compliance

The integration with the blockchain technology has already started, using the B Besu Alastria network which is already regulated and congruent with the European network, and HOPU focuses the next step towards CEF EBSI (European Blockchain Services Infrastructure) also based on BESU, as an evolution of the Alastria network. This innovation will mean a further jump in the quality of HOPU services for Industry 4.0, where gas emissions suppose more than 7M of deaths per year in the world and more than 1,600M euros are dedicated to complying penalties for regulation non-compliance.

In the words of the CIO of HOPU, “the Blockchain is going to have a direct impact on our lives in the next years, the Digital Identity and the Regtech are going to be two of the pillars that will change our way of seeing things”.

The first customer who is making use of these transparency and certification benefits is Lisanplast, a plastics factory that seeks to ensure that its environment is suitable for pregnant and nursing women and to monitor the health of employees as one of its main Corporate Social Responsibility actions. Through HOPU’s harmful gas monitoring devices, any harmful situation for the health is detected and certified as reliable thanks to the blockchain. This pilot has been financed by Blockchers, a project from the Horizon2020 framework whereby Alastria is a partner. This research group works in the same area of innovation that Alastria does, powering the use of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies) in European companies.


HOPU proposal for Blockchers

The following steps of this innovation process will be in January when HOPU will start to issue all the calibrations, maintenance certifications and traceability informs since the Alastria network. Besides, HOPU is expanding the scope of this innovation from the air quality monitoring in cities. The company is using its potential as Golf Member of the FIWARE Foundation, its role as Chair of Data Quality in IEEE (IEEE P2510) and its consolidated cities network with more than 300 devices distributed in Europe. Thus, HOPU services are going to contribute to the fight to mitigate climate change and for the compliance of the European Green Deal. Thanks to the improvements in the HOPU range of services, the deployment of these solutions will certify higher transparency and reliability for urban planners and citizens. Also, HOPU services will suppose relevant support for projects as the Innovation Fund that requires to justify the compliance of the objectives with data to receive the 40% of the project budget.



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