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HOP Ubiquitous, in cooperation with the ETSI (European Telecommunications standards Institute) and with the support of Promotion Institute of the Region de Murcia (INFO) , Odin Solutions, Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Murcia (UM) and the cluster of CitizeM have organized a free workshop about Smart Cities the next 20th of March at 10.00 o´clock in the conference hall of the faculty of Computer Science (University of Murcia, UM) and it will be a pleasure to count on your assistance.

In this event will be present the advanced of the ontology specifications and the API develop for the ETSI group which allow to relate different information Smart Cities sources in order to  build allow powerful applications. This ontology specifications will be using to deploy big projects and pilots as SynchroniCity, a European large-scale pilot that it is working to establish a reference architecture for the envisioned IoT-enabled city market place with identified interoperability points and interfaces and data models for different verticals.

In addition, during this workshop will be presented other interesting Smart Cities developments such as MiMurcia and differents HOP solutions for Smart Destinations, mobility and environmental monitoring.

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HOP Ubiquitous - Smart Destination

City Terms: Smart Destinations

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What is Smart Destinations?

Smart Destinations are defined as a tourist places that deploy a technological infrastructure using a smart system that collects information about the tourist activity analyzing and understanding acts in real time to evolve the interaction between visitors and tourist environment, focusing both in people as in the economic, social and cultural development

This concept was coined in the Millennium Development (MDG) plan of United Nations which handles the promotion of responsible, sustainable and accessible tourism for the society, within the 2030 objectives of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) .

Discover the five keys of Smart Destinations and know more about our Smart Destination project that is being developed in Ceutí (Spain).


A women discovering Smart Destinations in the map to visit them and has a great tourist experience


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