International Fair of Smart Destinations FIDI2020

At the end of November, the first International Fair of Smart Destinations (FIDI) was held, organized by the Cities of the Future Institute, the National Technological University of Buenos Aires and in collaboration with the State Mercantile Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourist Technologies SEGITTUR, dependent on the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. During the 10 days of the fair, more than 200 speakers participated in seminars, conferences, exhibitions and workshops where more than 20,000 online visitors from the entire Smart Cities sector.

HOPU CEO Antonio J. Jara participated on Friday, November 27, in FIWARE AMERICA DAY where he presented the case of success under FIWARE technology in Smart Cities that we have developed in cities such as Madrid, Cartagena, Ceutí, La Palma, Onda, Berenguer , Helsinki (Finland) and Mechelen (Belgium), among others.


The HOPU solution exploits FIWARE to the maximum where we contextualize city data such as air quality, mobility, influx and movement of people, noise and others where we create a global vision of the urban health of the city thanks to Intelligence Artificial algorithms and Big Data management.

“We are a company whose mission is to help urban authorities and cities to use the FIWARE platform to understand better what is happening in their city and to help them make decisions through data and evidence, while technology is and more usable by people. We are specialized in the integration of air quality sensors, gases, particles, pollens, sonometry and the influx of people.” Antonio J. Jara


During FIDI2020, real experiences of Smart Tourist Destinations participated and how introducing innovative elements are serving to bet on inclusive sustainable tourism with the city and the natural environment, and improve the quality of life of local residents.

The DTIs aim to integrate tourism with the daily life of the city in such a way that it does not have a negative impact on the natural environment or the residents. Attracting new businesses, responding to the needs of visitors and contributing to the local wealth and economy.

Data visualization of HOPU
Data visualization of HOPU


Among the services offered by HOPU we can find consulting and advising to the administration and companies to detect the needs and challenges they face and that can be solved through the use of new technologies.

We are currently developing the Smart City Master Plan for municipalities such as Las Torres de Cotillas and San Javier, both in the Region of Murcia (Spain). San Javier, as a coastal town on the shores of the Mar Menor, is a highly valued tourist attraction for those seeking pleasant temperatures throughout the year, as well as important musical and cultural events.

Therefore, the development of San Javier as an Smart Tourist Destination is an opportunity to consolidate tourism beyond the summer months, extending the season to 12 months of the year with actions such as a centralized agenda of the different cultural events, a network of webcams that broadcasts the coast of the Mar Menor 24/7 and a WiFi zone on beaches, as well as actions such as promoting existing cultural and tourist resources.

“A Smart City is a sustainable city that allows the residents to have all the benefits of a city but without the associated problems such as pollution, traffic jams, noise, high density of people, etc. A Smart City is one that does not discriminate, offers equality and helps to optimize time and resources” Antonio J. Jara


Through our IoT FIWARE ready Smart Spot devices we can offer municipalities detailed information in real time such as AQi to inform visitors and locals of the values ​​of gases and PM particles in the air. These data can contribute to detecting gas emission sources to help make decisions that lead to their mitigation, as well as to value the good air quality of the municipality in its case.

Smart Spot extensions
Smart Spot extensions


Using class 2 sound level meters, it will be possible to create a map of the noise in the city to detect the areas with the greatest noise pollution caused by traffic, port activity, leisure areas, events and others that may cause annoyances in the daily life of the city.

The flow of people sensor is a useful tool to know the movements and detect crowds in advance. Through its installation in commercial areas and tourist elements, we can know the number of visitors and the average time of their visit. This information is very useful to know the most visited areas of the city in such a way that decisions can be made such as improving traffic, the need to create tourist attractions in other areas to relieve pressure, etc.

In addition, the Smart Spot can incorporate a Weather Station that offers values ​​such as temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, rainfall, evapotranspiration and weather forecast among other values, offering extensive, detailed and local information on the weather in the city.

All these resources unified in a single device allow the administration to know what is happening in their city in real time, offering local values ​​that help them make decisions based on evidence and anticipate possible challenges and problems, thus improving the competitiveness of the municipality giving the necessary passes to move towards a resilient city for the benefit of its citizens.

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