The OASC Ireland, Insight and HOP Smart City project has been selected for the 50 Best Projects in the world by the GCTC Expo

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HOP Ubiquitous - Smart 50 Awards Recipient

Smart 50 Awards review committee, Smart cities Connect US ignite and Smart Cities Connect Foundation announced the 2018 Smart Award 50 Finalists and we have good news! Our project with the OASC and Insight has been selected for the 50 best projects in the world of Smart Cities.HOP Ubiquitous - Global City Teams ChallengeThe prize has been provided by GCTC’s, , is a collaborative platform for the development of Smart cities and communities, it enables local governments, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, technologists,, and corporations from all over the world to form project teams to work on groundbreaking Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical  Systems applications within the city and community environment, whose objective is “to establish and demonstrate replicable, scalable, and sustainable models for incubation and deployment of interoperable, standard-based solutions using advanced technologies such as IoT and CPS, and demonstrate their measurable benefits in communities and cities.”

The project proposal, presented in 2017, is based on the design and development of a pilot for Smart Traffic System in Ireland, considered as a pioneer Smart City, adapting technologies enabled to IoT, thus using our product, Smart Spot for the supervision of the air quality, noise, temperature, humidity and light pollution. The Smart Spot collected data is aimed at reducing traffic congestions in the cities improving the irish citizen’s quality of life.

HOP Ubiquitous - Vital

In the context of the project, the VITAL-OS platform has been used to collect the Smart Spot and other IoT devices data about the traffic conditions answering to the city´s needs in real time. This ensure a direct impact in the citizens and also in the experience of visitors to the city.

This platform, VITAL-OS, focuses on the development of a novel replicable Smart Cities platform OS, which will enable the integration and semantic interoperability of multiple IoT systems that underpin smart city applications and services. One of the core characteristics of this Smart City OS platform is its Core Management OS layer, which aims at providing functionalities for monitoring and controlling in a unified way diverse IoT systems and services, in a plug and play form, allowing the deploy and trial of IoT solutions from one to another city.

This project reuse the actual infrastructure of monitoring and control of traffic to the city able to a development to the technology ability for IoT. A reduction of 15.000€ in energy consumption and 40 tons of carbon emissions can be expected within this project. Therefore, this project helps to maintain the air quality in satisfactory levels, monitoring and regulating the atmospheric emissions in accordance with the European Union Legal Norms. Promote and support the reduction of atmospheric and acoustics pollution. Also ensure the development of external light that minimize the incidence of light pollution.

HOP Ubiquitous - Smart City

The expected results are as follow:

  • Demonstration of IoT technology to improve measurements in the city regarding light pollution, air quality and noise.
  • Study and demonstration of retro-fit and re-use existing monitoring units for the deployment.
  • Demonstration of effective and reliability working system for environmental monitoring using IoT technologies.
  • Effective integration of air quality sensors data: CO2, Temperature, Humidity and Light sensors for maintaining awareness on citizens about air quality, light, noise, pollution.
HOP Smart City selected for the 50 Best Projects by the GCTC Expo
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HOP Smart City selected for the 50 Best Projects by the GCTC Expo
We have good news! Our project with the OASC and Insight has been selected for the 50 best projects in the world of Smart Cities.
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HOP Ubiquitous
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