HOP Ubiquitous - Smart 50 Awards Recipient

The OASC Ireland, Insight and HOP Smart City project has been selected for the 50 Best Projects in the world by the GCTC Expo

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HOP Ubiquitous - Smart 50 Awards Recipient

Smart 50 Awards review committee, Smart cities Connect US ignite and Smart Cities Connect Foundation announced the 2018 Smart Award 50 Finalists and we have good news! Our project with the OASC and Insight has been selected for the 50 best projects in the world of Smart Cities.HOP Ubiquitous - Global City Teams ChallengeThe prize has been provided by GCTC’s, , is a collaborative platform for the development of Smart cities and communities, it enables local governments, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, technologists,, and corporations from all over the world to form project teams to work on groundbreaking Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical  Systems applications within the city and community environment, whose objective is “to establish and demonstrate replicable, scalable, and sustainable models for incubation and deployment of interoperable, standard-based solutions using advanced technologies such as IoT and CPS, and demonstrate their measurable benefits in communities and cities.”

The project proposal, presented in 2017, is based on the design and development of a pilot for Smart Traffic System in Ireland, considered as a pioneer Smart City, adapting technologies enabled to IoT, thus using our product, Smart Spot for the supervision of the air quality, noise, temperature, humidity and light pollution. The Smart Spot collected data is aimed at reducing traffic congestions in the cities improving the irish citizen’s quality of life.

HOP Ubiquitous - Vital

In the context of the project, the VITAL-OS platform has been used to collect the Smart Spot and other IoT devices data about the traffic conditions answering to the city´s needs in real time. This ensure a direct impact in the citizens and also in the experience of visitors to the city.

This platform, VITAL-OS, focuses on the development of a novel replicable Smart Cities platform OS, which will enable the integration and semantic interoperability of multiple IoT systems that underpin smart city applications and services. One of the core characteristics of this Smart City OS platform is its Core Management OS layer, which aims at providing functionalities for monitoring and controlling in a unified way diverse IoT systems and services, in a plug and play form, allowing the deploy and trial of IoT solutions from one to another city.

This project reuse the actual infrastructure of monitoring and control of traffic to the city able to a development to the technology ability for IoT. A reduction of 15.000€ in energy consumption and 40 tons of carbon emissions can be expected within this project. Therefore, this project helps to maintain the air quality in satisfactory levels, monitoring and regulating the atmospheric emissions in accordance with the European Union Legal Norms. Promote and support the reduction of atmospheric and acoustics pollution. Also ensure the development of external light that minimize the incidence of light pollution.

HOP Ubiquitous - Smart City

The expected results are as follow:

  • Demonstration of IoT technology to improve measurements in the city regarding light pollution, air quality and noise.
  • Study and demonstration of retro-fit and re-use existing monitoring units for the deployment.
  • Demonstration of effective and reliability working system for environmental monitoring using IoT technologies.
  • Effective integration of air quality sensors data: CO2, Temperature, Humidity and Light sensors for maintaining awareness on citizens about air quality, light, noise, pollution.
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HOP Ubiquitous - Sustainable Cities

Key verticals to build a Sustainable Smart City

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Nowadays, the process towards the conversion from a City to a Smart City is not fully clear. However, there is a wide-spread support from big agents as the European Union and global institutions as the United Nations and the ITU, which are defining these objectives and definitions.

The context is that by 2050, the world population will reach 11.200 million of inhabitants, which will be geo-located mainly in Asian and African continent (over 80%). Furthermore, there will be population exodus towards the cities which will host over 70% of the world population. Besides, the necessity to deploy a smart and automatic system trained to manage the growing population is arising. Since the introduction of the human communities as life style, cities have been characterized by being pioneers in technological innovation hubs, social reforms catalysers, and sources for technological and cultural development. Therefore, technology plays a crucial role leading this big transformation to solve urban problems and providing solutions towards a better quality of life and innovations in different areas.

It is necessary the implantation of quick, secure, and self-manageable smart systems which allow to the cities the traffic management, safety, environment management, energy efficiency, supplies regulation, etc.

Smart Cities’ key verticals have a clear impact and return of investment. Among the Smart Cities’ main keys could found:

Efficient urban planning: The growing concerns over the environmental degradation involve a sustainable city design. The new emerging urban development needs a sustainable planning that allows to minimize the human impact on the ecosystem and improve the citizen´s life quality. A sustainable urban development model should encompass green areas, make more use of public transportation reducing the use of car, have a correct waste management planning and promote energy efficiency of public buildings and the services accessibility for all citizens.

Key verticals to build a Sustainable Smart City

Efficient Urban Mobility and Public Transportation: The public transport has considerable importance in the government sustainable development plans for pollution control, for the social and economic effects and for the interrelationships with other sectors. The increase experienced by this sector during the last years make the sustainability of the transport a priority.
One of the problems found in our society is the numbers of cars the reason why our cities suffer traffic jams.

Thus, big cities are establishing restrictions such as, the pollutant vehicles restrictions. In addition, the cities have incident management applications to solve problems related to the mobility making routes for avoid traffic jams and allowing to find car park slots efficiently, especially for people with reduced mobility.

HOP Ubiquitous - Sustainable Smart City

Improving environmental sustainability: Spanish cities could be more sustainable to improve their economy, their environment and the quality of their citizens.

Citizens should apply more actions to improve their sustainability and their city. The expert recommendations are very wide: save energy opting for renewable sources, reduce the water consumption and the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), among others.

ICT would be used for reducing the emissions level of greenhouse gases and decreasing the human activity environmental impact.

On the other hand, it is necessary to support anti-pollutions plans, ecological buildings, alternative energies and policies that counter pollution, what would improve the cities sustainability. Now, lot of cities are understanding the importance of this measures and have environmental pollution control systems which evaluate the air quality, the noise level and the crowd monitoring in a specific location through sensors.

Wind Energy

Human interactions: Creating awareness among citizens about the state of the city is also essential for a positive environmental development. Consequently, to create a sustainable Smart City is important the Apps and notifications development that enables to interact with people´s smartphones through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi informing about quality air, temperature/humidity or noise in a determined city.

Mobile Apps

Our main product, the Smart Spot, encompass this four points before mentioned. It provides data about air quality. In order to monitor the air pollution, Smart Spot measures the NO2, CO, SO2, NO, H2S and O3 at specific points in real time. We have a sophisticated high precision lab, with a Mass Flow Controller and a Zero Air Generator, where, through Machine Learning algorithms, we improve the precision of our sensor measures reducing the effect of cross sensitivity. Also, it provides information in real time about temperature and humidity in specific points gathering complementary data. In addition, it measure noise levels (30 dB- 130dB9) everywhere.

And finally, Physical Web technologies enable to interact with people´s smartphones in an area up to 80 metres through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi without installing any App. This URL shows up as a non-intrusive notification which allows to access to online content to enjoy in these physical areas. The digital online content can be changed thanks to the URL Manager, a software platform that permits to edit the push notification that Smart Spot transmits.

The cities are developing quickly and, consequently, it is necessary the implantation of systems that permit to manage all the variables through the use of ICT and, in particular, Internet of Things (IoT).

Homard IoT Platform Features


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HOP Ubiquitous

Discovering HOPU

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Our efforts are committed to the deployment of Smart Cities for the entire world population, wherever they may be located.

As a innovation Company in Internet of Things (IoT) solution we develop and research full integrated solutions to Smart Cities and industry.

We have focused our efforts on the development of IoT products with ubiquitous connectivity to meet the needs of the human being at a global level, for this reason we created innovative low energy modules with M2M, IoT & LPWAN allow the connection of different platforms and products. We design our own hardware and firmware allow for scalable management that facilitates the implementation of large-scale deployments, maintenance, monitoring and ad-hoc sensors to meet the demand of the market.

Our philosophy is based on integrity; we pamper our products to always offer the quality highest and provide our customers with the best services, creating lasting relationships based on collaboration and mutual trust. We have a strong commitment in the development and innovation in IoT, therefore we have made validations of security and privacy in all our solutions, being totally reliable products, the entire HOPU team works together to solve the problems and challenges that arise. For this reason, we use open APIs that are perfectly integrated in HOPU’s hardware, firmware and software, allowing us to collaborate with leading IT companies such as Fujitsu, Nokia and Microsoft.

There is global iniciative whith conecting cities belonging to OASC, this is a international red that focused their efforts in creating an open smart city marked based on the cities requirements and communities. OASC bet on standards because facilite the interoperability betwenn city and companies, for this reason OASC supports to open platform like FIWARE and oneM2M. We hace developed our Smart Spot; this device has compatibility with other platforms thanks to use of communication protocol OMA LWM2M like to FIWARE and it is compatible with the software oneM2M

We adapt to the requests of each city according to your needs.

We are active partners of the programs Organicity, Synchronicity y SmartSDK, programs that encapsulate Horizon 2020, where we stand as an innovation company to achieve developing applications of technology to improve European competitiveness.

For to improve European competitiveness and developing platform that adapted to current needs we have created Harmony. This is open IoT platform participated in the European project Select4cities with our three solutions for Antwerp, Copenhagen and Helsinki. The aim was build on top of the two major open standards for Smart Cities in the market: FIWARE and oneM2M. We integrate it as follows:

  • In Antewerp: We created a specific App for menaging data between platforms, usinf the deployment of a BPM for traffic analysis and for a system of recommendations.
  • In Copenhagen: Creation of applications that make use of Harmony data and Copenhagen Open Data Platform to provide a correlation between traffic data and air quality, through the deployment of analysis services.
  • In Helsinki: Creation of an application capable of providing permissions on user data, stored on any of the platforms.

All the experience gained in the different projects has led us to develop different IoT platforms and IoT devices for Smart City solutions called Smart Spot. This device is an intelligent solution that uses Physical Web, a communication channel based on Bluetooth Low Energy that send “push” notification to a SmartPhone nearby. The Smart Spot can be management for OMA LWM2M platforms such us Homard, our IoT device management platform.

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IoT World Congress 2017 - Smart Spot pannel

Third edition of the IoT World Congress, Barcelona 2017

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A door to the impossible: IoT World

Access to IoT World Congress, 2017, Fira (Barcelona).
Access to IoT World Congress, 2017, Fira (Barcelona).

IoT World Congress received a large number of innovators and professionals showing the great investment and trust around IoT technological sector.

This event mobilized over 10,000 people from 70 different countries who enjoyed 3 full days of demonstrations, talks and exhibitions. The event was a proof of the revolution that the IoT has brought in multiple markets and in general about the new opportunities of interconnecting any kind of objects in our environment with the different digital services.

IoT technology opens a door to the impossible, creating an interconnection of physical objects to the Internet to establish bidirectional links with any element facilitating the collection of small pieces of data that integrated with all the available data sources are reaching the so-called Big Data, where we are already being witness of how this data revolution is supporting during all the phases of an industry, city or personal consumer life.

Nowadays, IoT is exploring and discovering new fields of action such as Smart Cities, an area, where IoT plays a decisive role in the development of smart infrastructures that promote more efficient management of these regions.

The use of IoT devices in Smart Cities improves the engagement of citizens in their communities as they allow the creation of efficient, agile and comfortable communication channels between the government and citizens; monitor the emission of gases (air quality); sustainable public lighting in conjunction with other public services such as waste management to reduce bad smells and toxic gases emissions and also better signaling, mobility management and safety.

Description and Demo of Smart POI on FIWARE stand at the IoT World Congress, 2017.
Description and Demo of Smart POI on FIWARE stand at the IoT World Congress, 2017.

At the end of the day, a smart city process starts in the co-creation and communication with the citizens and that through multiple actions in multiple domains, converge into a common benefit in the enhancement of the wellness and quality of life for our cities and their citizens, i.e. ourselves.

All these solutions fit within the IoT, and in particular the approach defined by the FIWARE platform and FIWARE ecosystem. FIWARE presented at the IoT World Congress its different solutions that developed a common management structure to facilitate the integration of different devices with each other and in the cities.

FIWARE is a community that join different technology companies for the development of an open ecosystem around cities to integrate multiple solutions in a common structure and so they are fully interoperable with each other, feedback and build a deeper environment that takes to the development of more functional smart cities. The development of these platforms is key to the growth and functionality of Smart Cities, for this reason we are committed to initiatives such as Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) association with over 100 cities enrolled and FIWARE technology as th basis for making it feasible.

HOP Ubiquitous as a Gold Member of the FIWARE Foundation, was al present in the presentation of how FIWARE and the solutions from HOP Ubiquitous are contributing to the creation of adapted and standardized solutions to satisfy the described process from the co-creation and citizens engagement to the deployment of solutions based on IoT to reach the digitalization and enhancement of different areas in the city.

As part of the FIWARE community, we show our solution in the IoT World Congress, HOP Ubiquitous presented the Smart Spot product, which is the commodity solution from HOP Ubiquitous, which offers a versatile solution to interact with citizens at the same time that  collects relevant ambient data.  Read more about HOP Ubiquitous solutions: brochure


Diagram of integration of our Smart Spot with FIWARE infrastructure.
Diagram of integration of our Smart Spot with FIWARE infrastructure.

In details, Smart Spot collects temperature data, humidity, air quality parameters (NO2, SO2, O3, H2S, etc.), crowd monitoring (counting people via WiFi around), noise levels and transmit them to any FIWARE-based cloud platform such as our partners NEC, Telefonica, Engineering, Orange and ATOS from the FIWARE Foundation, as our own platform based on FIWARE, HomardSmart Spot are incorporated into the FIWARE infrastructure through the IoT Agent that connects with FIWARE’s ORION CONTEX BROKER, which allows the integration of Smart Spot with other solutions and communication with other devices that offer more functional and complete solutions.

Smart Spot are small devices that have the ability to create an area of interaction with citizens and visitors. These devices send a URL (Web page link to open it in any browser such as smart phone Internet browser) to allow users to connect to online content and discover websites from physical locations. In addition, as mentioned Smart Spot measures air quality, temperature and humidity; they also collect data on the energy consumption or the noise level in the atmosphere and act as a person counter (Crowd Monitoring), allowing to estimate the comfort level of different zones.

Details of Smart Spot.
Details of Smart Spot.

At the IoT World Congress we present, together with other solutions SmartSDK project that is carried out jointly with FIWARE. For SmartSDKthe Smart Spot creates a point of interaction with citizens and visitors to provide them with information about relevant places in Mexico City together with environmental monitoring data. The devices are installed in the top of the bus fleet of the Technological Institute Tec de Monterrey, taking advantage of their routes to collect data and make them available to users on the public transport route. Thereby, Smart Spot contribute to the Smart City ecosystem of Mexico City in 5 pillars: environmental monitoring, commitments/engagement with citizens, tourism and open data together with Open Interfaces (FIWARE).

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HOP Ubiquitous - City Terms APIs

City Terms: API

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What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of methods for communication between different software components that exchange functions and procedures.

APIs can provide the set of information needed to build an application. Normally, all APIs are accompanied by tutorials, manuals and best practice rules to simplify implementation of an interface and make it easier to use by other software, allowing access and exchange of information that permit one application makes use of other remaining independent. APIs are the only way to provide secure access for software developers to work with external programs and services, being a key piece in the development of collaborative digital environments.

All HOP Ubiquitous products have open APIs to contribute to the development of collaborative software.

City Terms APIs Smart City IoT HOP Ubiquitous



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HOP Ubiquitous - Internet of Things

City Terms: IoT

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What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

This term was introduced by Kevin Ashton in 1999 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to refer to the number of objects and people that are interconnected on the network. Since then, the number of IoT devices has increased and it is estimated that at 2020 there will be about 200 billion devices connected, placing the Internet of Things as the next big step in the technology industry.HOP Ubiquitous - Internet of Things


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HOP Ubiquitous - Smart City

City Terms: Smart City

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In this section of the blog we are going to launch short definitions to describe terms about the new smart tendencies. HOP team invite you to write all the questions that arise, we will reply you as soon as possible.

What is a Smart City?

“A Smart and Sustainable City is an innovative city that takes advantage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and other means to improve the quality of life, efficiency of functionality, urban services and competitiveness, while ensuring that it meets the economic, social, environmental and cultural requirements of present and future generations.” (CEPE y UIT)

HOP Ubiquitous Smart City

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HOP Ubiquitous - Smart Cities

Smart Cities are the issue on our agenda.

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The key parts of any Smart City are: citizen participation, smart tourism and monitoring towards sustainability.

Cities are complex systems in which different social and economic aspects intervene. Social changes have brought a transformation in the way of consumption and therefore in the way of organizations relation with public.

The rise of the Internet and more specifically the rise of social networks transformed the way in which relationships with publics are managed. (Manifesto Cluetrain) The market shifted from being one-way to becoming a conversation. A much more educated and informed public, which through ICT has access to infinite contents and knowledge.

Society demands more participative conversations, in which the companies are clear and care about the importance absolute transparency towards the audiences, both internal and external.

Co-creation is revolutionizing the way organizations relate to their audiences. But, how would it run to reach citizens effectively?


Smart Cities are the issue on our agenda.

It is extremely important that audiences feel heard and understood, and that their contributions do not fall on deaf ears. It is also essential that the collaboration tools are accessible, interesting, fun, dynamic and do not provoke boredom or disinterest of the public.

Within this business there are many companies that develop applications for co-creation or develop programs of citizen participation, but the biggest difficulty is to get really valid data.

It is essential for the survival of any city council to transmit a transparent image and provide an environment open to dialogue.

Most of these companies use data sources of their own creation, with a small part of the population; Others ,to ensure the participation of the public, offer gifts or discounts in exchange for that participation, but are those results really legitimate? To what extent do these answers correspond to the reality of the general needs? Are these answers really justified? All of these questions need to be thoroughly analyzed when implementing citizen participation programs, as these solutions create mutually beneficial ideas that can be used to a great extent. Because in the processes of co-creation the ideas of the public are fed by the organizations; generating a mutual collaboration between the two parties to achieve a more fruitful outcome for all.

Our co-creation tool, Siidi is a dynamic widget that uses new technologies to contextualize information and to invite to participation at the right time and place. Besides that, with the use of this tool the data will not be lost, as they are presented comfortably in a dashboard for its use.

This platform removes existing barriers between the organization and citizens, for example:

  1. It gets rid of institutional barriers that are rooted in extreme bureaucracy and complex structures, making participants easily accessible and involved in the management of the city.
  2. Eliminates problems related to the lack of economic and educational resources, everyone with access to a Smart Phone or Tablet can access the platform.
  3. The psychological barriers are eliminated, giving the citizen confidence in the process and in the measures taken by the organization at the level of local decision-making. Absolute transparency is provided to the process.
  4. It also eliminates problems related to civil engagement, since participation occurs comfortably from your own device anywhere in the city.

Siidi is fully automated; all the information collected is projected in comfortable graphs or sector diagrams, allowing a simple and reliable analysis. Siidi is managed remotely through a management platform; where you can change information whenever you want, it can be turned on or off, can give general communications, among many other features.

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